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How To Get Fencing Help

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Property Owners and families are asked to contact the Camp Coordinators directly. Click here to visit our Current Camps page where you can find contact details of the camp coordinator.

If there is not a camp near you, contact your local Council.

If you live in a disaster-affected area that doesn’t currently have a basecamp, and would like to enquire about having BlazeAid volunteers working in your community, please read our How to Establish a Base Camp page.

Register to have BlazeAid volunteers working with you.

Registration is easy, and you’ll be glad you did it. Please contact the Camp Coordinator to register for assistance – there’s no red tape, and can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

We’ll have a few quick questions for you – your name, phone numbers, the address where the fencing needs to be done, an approximate idea of distances of work – clearing, rebuilding and new fences – the type of fencing and how soon you can start. If you have livestock issues, let us know and we can prioritise your job.

Sometimes we receive donated fencing materials, which are distributed on a needs basis. If buying fencing materials is an issue for you, please contact the Camp Coordinator to see what can be done. We understand how difficult it can be to ask for this extra help, but please, don’t miss out on having your fencing rebuilt while BlazeAid is in your area. You won’t be the first to ask, and you won’t be the last to need a bit of a hand.

Please register with BlazeAid early so that we can have an idea of how many families in each area need help. Once we close a basecamp, we’re not able to provide further assistance to property owners. Even if you’ve registered with your local Council/Shire, you still need to contact your local BlazeAid basecamp to register.
If you would like BlazeAid volunteers to work with you, please read the Property Owners Workplace Agreement which outlines the guidelines to help with the smooth running of BlazeAid. Then simply phone or visit your nearest BlazeAid camp to register for assistance.

Please remember to contact Dial Before You Dig to ensure that the fencing work won’t damage any pipes or cables. It’s your responsibility to do this.

Dial Before You Dig is a free service for properties in Australia. Simply phone 1100 or visit 

What we do..

BlazeAid works with families and individuals who are in genuine need of volunteer assistance. This includes those affected who are not insured or are under-insured for the cost of rebuilding their fences, or where their personal, physical or financial circumstances are such that they are in genuine need of BlazeAid’s assistance.

BlazeAid is a volunteer-based organization. We assist rural families and individuals to help clear, repair or replace fences that have been lost as a result of natural disasters such as bushfires, floods or cyclones. Where there is enough need in a community, we establish a basecamp (in conjunction with local shires and/or community groups) where volunteers live in their caravans, motorhomes, etc, or in other suitable accommodation.

Fully-insured BlazeAid volunteers work alongside people in genuine need of assistance. We have already worked on hundreds of properties across Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia after the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires, the 2011 Floods and Cyclone Yasi and the 2012 Floods, and the bushfires and floods of 2013.

BlazeAid volunteers work in fencing teams, with at least one experienced fencer in each team, to work under your guidance and directions. Working together, we can clear your fence lines and re-stand, rebuild or replace your fences in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do on your own. Many friendships are formed among volunteers and families as they work together on the fence lines.

We have a combination of new volunteers and experienced fencing volunteers who have worked on many different types of fences, including putting in corner posts, strainer assemblies, posts and pickets, running, straining and tying off fencing wire, etc.