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Camp Status: OPENING 13th February 2023
Fencing Starting:
Address: Millfield Park, 31 Bennett Street, Millfield
Co-ordinator: Judy and Max 0405 194 647

VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers can register now. Those with camp experience and/or fencing experience, especially team leaders, would be very helpful with setting up team structures and to support those less experienced but eager and willing to help the BlazeAid cause.

BEFORE ARRIVING: Please contact the basecamp at least the day prior to your intended arrival so we can include you in a team and put your name on the dinner list. If possible, you should aim to arrive prior to 5pm.

BREAKFAST: From 6:30am

MUSTER: 7:15am Mandatory for all volunteers working that day.

**If you are volunteering for a day at a time and then returning home, you MUST be at our basecamp no later than 7am each morning and we MUST know beforehand that you are coming. If you arrive later than 7am, there is the chance you may not get assigned to a field crew that day depending on the circumstances.

MEALS: Meals are provided for volunteers, but please bring your own snacks. Breakfast and a nourishing two-course evening meal are provided by BlazeAid (with help from local community groups) at the basecamps.

If the families that you will be working with are able to do so they may offer to provide morning tea and lunch for volunteers each day. Otherwise, BlazeAid provides food for you to make your own sandwiches to take with you.

Please note, if you have special dietary needs you will need to bring your own food if you are not able to eat the meals provided.

AMENITIES: Power may or may not be available.

ACCOMMODATION: There is plenty of space for you to bring your own caravan, motorhome, swag or tent. Toilets and hot showers are available. A coin laundromat is available in the town. Accommodation for volunteers who don’t have a caravan, tent, etc, varies at the different basecamps. Please ask the Camp Coordinator for more details about the basecamp you’re going to. If you have a swag, camp stretcher, inflatable mattress, etc, please bring it with you. You will also need to bring pillows, sheets, blankets, etc.

Please remember that we are working in disaster areas, so the accommodation available may be fairly basic and power will be limited. In some areas, mobile phone coverage might not be very good.